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Welcome in QS guide!!!

Hello Everyone! Here You can find guide about private server QS - Quest. I will trying to update guide as fast as I can. If You see any mistakes then let me know about it. Pm me in game Draki or send message here. Thank You :)

How to begin?

QS - Quest is private endless online server started by Soook. It's a free mmorpg. In this game You can create account, choose class, get experience and become the best level, get better items to make your acc stronger, make quests and get for it reward, meet new people, make friends and more. Join Quest today :)

How to start play it? 

First You need get client eo main:

Auto-setup or manual zip file (click what You prefer)

When You finish instal it then go to folder. Open econfig.exe.

Will open window. In conection You have server host / ip and server port. 

Change ip into: QS-QUEST.NO-IP.ORG

It should looks like that:

Server host / ip                  QS-QUEST.NO-IP.ORG

Server port                         8078

Open endless.exe and create account. If You done it then click play game, create your 1st character and begin a journey :D

Read rules before playing. You find them here.

You will start game on sheeps. There You find npc, who can teleport You to important places.

Check shops (upgrade shops You need visit definetly). Upgrade your items and get better stats.

Use this guide as help or ask players in game. 

If You don't know something or You just think that something is wrong write on site then contact me - Draki in game.

Tell your friends about this game. If more people plays it then You will have more fun :D

Good Luck and Have Fun :D

Donation tickets

  • Race Ticket - Unlimited skin changes (gives 100-100 DMG) - 10$
  • Title Ticket - Unlimited title changes (gives 100-100 DMG) - 10$
  • Race and Title Ticket (gives 200-200 DMG) - 20$
Title and skin can only be changed by an admin at the moment.  - here You can donate for this server

Several items too You can get by donation. You find them in armors and hats section. 
More information HERE.

If You donate then You will be reward in game. It will help in holding server (buy vps, etc.).